Factors Impacting Home Value

Posted by on January 17, 2018

The value of a property or home is something that is always a concern for the homeowner or if you are a buyer and looking to buy a house. There are multiple factors that can increase the value of the property and there are factors that can decrease it. Let’s look at some of those factors.


One of the first thing that a Tallahassee home buyers looks into while trying to make a buying decision for his/her house is the neighborhood and the value of a House can be determined by the neighborhood. For example, if there are educated and respected people living in the neighborhood, and there are no drugs and violence observed, the buyer will always prefer to buy a house there and pay more money as compared to a house in a rough neighborhood.

Train Tracks

While lots of home buyers want to buy a home which is closer to a commuter rail, having a house near to train tracks is a different story. This can affect the value of the house because people don’t prefer living close to train tracks as they have to deal with the noise at different hours in the day. Safety can also be a concern for some buyers.







Noise Pollution

Similar to the noise of train tracks, another factor that can affect the value of the house is if it’s located near a highway, a loud factory, an airport or an industrial area, where there is constant noise and buyers always hesitate to buy a house in that area or to pay a reasonable amount for it.

Interior Design

The interior design and the color scheme of the house also affect its value. Colors and interior design can push some customers away and in the meantime, they can attract some. Usually buyers prefer a house which aligns with the color scheme of the surrounding area, not something that sticks out.


Educational Institutions

As education is very important for every family nowadays, people will prefer to buy a house which is located somewhere near to schools and colleges and they will be willing to pay more money for those houses. On the other hand, houses which are located far from educational institutes are harder to sell and have less monetary value.

So these were some factors that can increase the value of a house and some which can decrease it significantly.

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