Alberta Canada Real Estate Markets on the Rise

Posted by on January 21, 2020

All across Canada we are seeing strong housing markets with the three principals being Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto. Excluding these three obvious housing bubbles, lets talk about Alberta exclusively.

The past few years have seen a rollercoaster of ups and downs when it comes to real estate in Alberta however in the past two years we’ve seen a rise in interest. Most particularly Calgary.

With the third largest populous, Calgary has been quietly popping up on people’s investment radar when considering real estate in Alberta. Here’s why…

Did you know that Calgary is the cleanest city in the entire world? Well its true and Calgarians are quite proud of this.

Zero…yes ZERO sales tax (provincial). Alberta is a province, the only one infact, free of sales tax therefore residents only have to pay the federal GST. This can add up and across expenses, save you a lot of money making living here more affordable than in any other province.

Calgary Real Estate Markets

Medical is an important fact for most Canadians and in Calgary it’s not as difficult as many other places in Canada. Calgary now has 141 physicians per 100,000 people with the national average being 115.

It’s for the outdoorsy type. Calgary is ideally located providing unprecedented options for the active outdoors person. Calgary is about an hour away from Banff and its picturesque landscapes. Calgary is also home to 8,000 hectares (nearly 20,000 acres) of parkland. If you’re a runner or a cyclist, the city offers 800 kilometers of pathways for you. So as you can it offers plenty of outdoor options.

With all that being said, here are some of the more popular communities around Calgary that have great potential heading in to 2020.

Varsity, located northeast of Calgary, is an amazing, family-friendly place to raise your kids. Homes for sale in Varsity largely consist of single-family detached dwellings and start around low $700s making the area on the upper end priced options.

One community worth a look is Tuscany (no its not Italy).

Located in the northwestern quadrant of Calgary, Tuscany boasts a populous of over 19300 residents. Interestingly enough almost 20% of the residents here are immigrants with a household median income of $92,453. Houses for sale in Tuscany start around $400,000.

Another popular neighborhood/community is Inglewood. Situated in what is called Central Calgary. Inglewood has the distinction of being Calgary’s oldest neighborhood and only has a few thousand residents. As you can imagine the area is ideally situated with easy access to almost everything you could ever need. Houses for sale in Inglewood range in price from the high $400k region.

Calgary Real Estate Markets

As you can see throughout this article, Calgary offers up plenty to anything thinking of investing in real estate here and market trends are showing us that the 2020 season should be even better with home sales on the rise.

Month after month we are seeing rising numbers of Calgary homes for sale and as the median home price here is also rising, so is the communities around Calgary growing to match demand both in jobs and economy.

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