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Alberta Canada Real Estate Markets on the Rise

Jan/21 By

All across Canada we are seeing strong housing markets with the three principals being Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto. Excluding these three obvious housing bubbles, lets talk about Alberta exclusively.

The past few years have seen a rollercoaster of ups and downs when it comes to real estate in Alberta however in the past two years we’ve seen a rise in interest. Most particularly Calgary.

With the third largest populous, Calgary has been quietly popping up on people’s investment radar when considering real estate in Alberta. Here’s why…

Did you know that Calgary is the cleanest city in the entire world? Well its true and Calgarians are quite proud of this.

Zero…yes ZERO sales tax (provincial). Alberta is a province, the only one infact, free of sales tax therefore residents only have to pay the federal GST. This can add up and across expenses, save you a lot of money making living here more affordable than in any other province.

Calgary Real Estate Markets

Medical is an important fact for most Canadians and in Calgary it’s not as difficult as many other places in Canada. Calgary now has 141 physicians per 100,000 people with the national average being 115.

It’s for the outdoorsy type. Calgary is ideally located providing unprecedented options for the active outdoors person. Calgary is about an hour away from Banff and its picturesque landscapes. Calgary is also home to 8,000 hectares (nearly 20,000 acres) of parkland. If you’re a runner or a cyclist, the city offers 800 kilometers of pathways for you. So as you can it offers plenty of outdoor options.

With all that being said, here are some of the more popular communities around Calgary that have great potential heading in to 2020.

Varsity, located northeast of Calgary, is an amazing, family-friendly place to raise your kids. Homes for sale in Varsity largely consist of single-family detached dwellings and start around low $700s making the area on the upper end priced options.

One community worth a look is Tuscany (no its not Italy).

Located in the northwestern quadrant of Calgary, Tuscany boasts a populous of over 19300 residents. Interestingly enough almost 20% of the residents here are immigrants with a household median income of $92,453. Houses for sale in Tuscany start around $400,000.

Another popular neighborhood/community is Inglewood. Situated in what is called Central Calgary. Inglewood has the distinction of being Calgary’s oldest neighborhood and only has a few thousand residents. As you can imagine the area is ideally situated with easy access to almost everything you could ever need. Houses for sale in Inglewood range in price from the high $400k region.

Calgary Real Estate Markets

As you can see throughout this article, Calgary offers up plenty to anything thinking of investing in real estate here and market trends are showing us that the 2020 season should be even better with home sales on the rise.

Month after month we are seeing rising numbers of Calgary homes for sale and as the median home price here is also rising, so is the communities around Calgary growing to match demand both in jobs and economy.

International Realtors Have It “Going On”

Jan/18 By

Back before the Web existed, realtors went through a hard time attaining promising investors from afar.

In and of itself agents have come to rely greatly on the Internet for lots of things and yet this is especially how it is in terms of uncovering possible international real estate investors.

With numbers like fifty percent improvement in quantity year in year out and providing an overall share of the actual whole real estate earnings of the USA at 10%, the international home-buyer is increasingly becoming a factor to consider for any agent hoping to enter this sector valued at more than $150 billion in 2017. That is as outlined by NAR’s 2017 Profile of International Activity in USA Residential Real Estate.

The fact that realtors relating to foreign buyer deals have been found to gain higher earnings merely enhances the attractiveness of this sector of the market. A prominent amount of international buyers and sellers are well-off global elites searching for promising investments and posh vacation properties.

Similar to most things, there are countless things to consider before just thinking you are gonna laser target international real estate buyers. It really is complex and you’ll require some assistance.

Touching this segment of the market however will involve getting over various hurdles such as language and currency exchange to name a few. Normally though some foreign investors aren’t going to purchase in a country without doing their homework and having procedures ready to reduce any lost in translation troubles.

China dominates the headlines worldwide when it comes to foreign business and in real estate this is especially true considering the information displays that of the overall sales volume in the United States to international buyers, China holds fifty percent of this. All regardless of barriers like language and social differences.

So is there a more effective way for realtors to position themselves for this awesome, financially rewarding market?

CPROP is a blockchain-powered electronic transaction management platform built to help real estate professionals improve and manage long-distance transactions.

The start-up applies blockchain to authenticate and report activities pertaining to deeds and closing documentation. Additionally it intends to construct a substantial, user created specialized network by offering its utility tokens to buyers and sellers who then leave ratings and analysis of the real estate agents, brokers and professionals they go with on the system.

Brett Elliott is a broker/founder of Costa Rica Real Estate dot COM (CRREC) a recognized name in the Central American nation and dominating force online for foreign investors looking to invest there.

In early 2011 my partner and I realized the importance of growing our base both online and in the country by creating facilitating tools and methods by which foreign investors in Costa Rica real estate, could buy/sell with confidence.

Tech is positively vital for any deal from beginning to end. Below are 3 ways real estate brokers can take advantage of this massive opportunity.

Connect With A Trustworthy International Console

Hedging in on the foreign real estate industry isn’t easy for real estate brokers who’ve not entered here before. Do not be thinking you’re going to be getting rich right away versus comprehensively studying where on the net these kinds of online communities may well exist. Once you have located them you will have to hedge in and earn confidence within the international real estate trader community.

One more thing you are going to want to watch out for is sections of the net with service providers that allows automatic translations.

Seek Out Responsible, Successful Alliance

There’s no denying the trouble in closing even a regional contract but when you get started on dealing with international buyers and sellers there’s a whole lot of additional hurdles you are going to have to cross among them language barriers.

Have you any idea about your transactions standing in realtime, what is left to finish and who should next do what in the process?

All of this being said, won’t you recognize that an all-inclusive electronic transactions SaaS software developed to satisfy global real estate transactions from beginning to end, be described as a welcome addition to all agents? Transactional openness throughout any real estate deal is necessary but partner that with a technology that can improve your flow including ensuring security, would permanently change the industry.

Think Confidence And Stability

Remember what they say, long-distance relationships hardly ever last, nevertheless in this case they can and do you just have to plan specifically when it comes to working across different languages.

Preparing is vital to productive international real estate buys and included in preparation you must start thinking about trust and security.

Technology shifts at an astonishing pace and lately block chain technology has came into the mix and from then on transformed the manner by which realtors conduct business from the internet. Each time a deal is finalized and executed, it may be saved to the block chain, creating an immutable allotted record validated by a system of oftentimes thousands of computer systems, thus effectively protecting against any unnoticed updates to a deal.

Furthermore, agencies could use intelligent contracts to execute escrow, that provides a secure system for traders to put up serious dollars. This is exactly what Galvan Real Estate Services, a real estate agency in the Riviera Nayarit Mexico region, does when it comes to any international transaction done through the company.

As interest in utilizing encrypted and secured currency increases in real estate, the segment most aligned with benefiting the most is the international buyer/seller market. Heading in to 2019 reports are showing an increase of 15.7% in real estate transactions done with some form of digital currency method.

Realtors are now paying attention to this incredibly lucrative segment of the real estate market and pioneers are doing their parts in leveraging it even moreso.

Walker is a Kelowna realtor specializing in condos and he claims that his decision to focus on marketing to international markets has increased sales immensely and looks to increase his budget as such for 2019.


Factors Impacting Home Value

Jan/17 By

The value of a property or home is something that is always a concern for the homeowner or if you are a buyer and looking to buy a house. There are multiple factors that can increase the value of the property and there are factors that can decrease it. Let’s look at some of those factors.


One of the first thing that a Tallahassee home buyers looks into while trying to make a buying decision for his/her house is the neighborhood and the value of a House can be determined by the neighborhood. For example, if there are educated and respected people living in the neighborhood, and there are no drugs and violence observed, the buyer will always prefer to buy a house there and pay more money as compared to a house in a rough neighborhood.

Train Tracks

While lots of home buyers want to buy a home which is closer to a commuter rail, having a house near to train tracks is a different story. This can affect the value of the house because people don’t prefer living close to train tracks as they have to deal with the noise at different hours in the day. Safety can also be a concern for some buyers.







Noise Pollution

Similar to the noise of train tracks, another factor that can affect the value of the house is if it’s located near a highway, a loud factory, an airport or an industrial area, where there is constant noise and buyers always hesitate to buy a house in that area or to pay a reasonable amount for it.

Interior Design

The interior design and the color scheme of the house also affect its value. Colors and interior design can push some customers away and in the meantime, they can attract some. Usually buyers prefer a house which aligns with the color scheme of the surrounding area, not something that sticks out.


Educational Institutions

As education is very important for every family nowadays, people will prefer to buy a house which is located somewhere near to schools and colleges and they will be willing to pay more money for those houses. On the other hand, houses which are located far from educational institutes are harder to sell and have less monetary value.

So these were some factors that can increase the value of a house and some which can decrease it significantly.…

Project vs Dump: 3 Warning Signs to Look Out for in Fixer Uppers

Dec/14 By

If you like a challenge and love working on buildings that need some TLC, keep reading. Some homebuyers are always on the lookout for a new project that could be an investment in the making, something to keep them busy with but also for recreational reasons. Buying an older house is not a big deal. But you should buy one that won’t bleed you dry too. In this post, we look at some of the signs you should be on the lookout for before buying a fixer-upper.

Too Much Damage

If you notice a sagging ceiling, floorboards that are broken, a kitchen with no wiring, and broken windows, you should probably run for the hills. This is not a fun little project that you can make some quick cash on with minimal effort. This is an overhaul, ER situation. Remember you don’t want to spend more on the house than what you should.

Price is Not Right

Okay, so you don’t scare quickly, and you want to take it on. But the owner is asking a ridiculous price for a house that is all but roofless. Be sure to check what the house is worth at face value, before getting bullied into a buy that you will regret and that will most definitely cost you more than you bargained for.

No or Slow Cash Return on Investment

Look, we know money makes the world go round, but in all seriousness, if you spend a truckload of cash on revamping a house, with the goal to re-sell it and make a profit, or maybe rent it out, but you cannot calculate how you will get there with all the costs needed for the fixing etc, it is not worth your time anymore. This is especially the case in the Tallahassee real estate market.

Fixing up and selling older houses is a fun hobby and can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing and what to look out for when buying these ‘fixer-uppers’. Be sure to be aware of all the pitfalls, and have a budget at hand to work out what you need to spend in order to make money. We hope you’ve found our pointers helpful! Tell us your fixer-upper story in the comment section below.…

How to Spot a Must-Buy in 4 Simple Steps

Dec/1 By

You’ve been viewing houses for longer than you can remember, and you’re getting rather sick of it. We know and understand how trying this can be. Sometimes you walk into a place and it just is not what you are looking for or need or sometimes it is exactly what you want but the price is just not realistic for you at this time. In this post, we discuss a couple of things that homebuyers should look out for when viewing properties.

#1 The House is In Line With What You Need

You have a list, right? Of deal-breakers and of other variables that can either be worked on or makes something just not worth it. If you have found a house that ticks all the boxes on your list, you probably have found the one worth putting an offer in for.

#2 Can’t Find Any Flaws

If you simply cannot see any flaws whatsoever, meaning no necessary work to be done, a simple buy and move in, and you just love it, that is probably the house you should buy. The walls are perfect, no signs of leaks, no obvious repairs necessary, no maintenance on the garden. That is probably the house you want.

#3 You See Yourself Settling Down There

When you close your eyes, you see yourself living there, you can imagine all your furniture in all the spots you want to put them beforehand. You can even see your kids playing in the garden, and your kids’ kids when they are there. Your whole life kind of just falls into place when you envision yourself settling down in this house.

#4 You Refer to It as Yours

If you are already talking about the house as if it belongs to you, you’ve probably already bought it in your mind. This means you won’t really be tempted into buying any other place, whether it’s in a better neighborhood or if its price is a bit lower, you just won’t budge and cannot get this house out of your mind. It spoke to you, you have a connection with it, and it should be yours.

So there you have it. If you have ticked off any of these, or if you can relate to at least two of the points listed above, you probably know exactly what you want and your mind is made up. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the buying and viewing and just can’t get a great feeling for a house just yet, hang in there! The perfect one should be along in no-time.

5 Things Every Homebuyer Should Know Before Buying a Home

Nov/27 By

Whether it’s your first time buying a home, or your umpteenth time, there are just some things that everyone should be aware of before sealing the deal and buying a house. Buying property is not only a long-term investment but also a big deal. Especially if you start calculating the mortgage and living costs. Below we list 5 things anyone should know before buying a house.

1. Don’t be Hasty

Yes, never be hasty when scouting for a new home. You don’t want to just make an offer in the very first place you want to view because the color of the walls was your favorite. Sleep on it. View a couple of places. Try to get a better price. Buying a house is a long (and painful) process, don’t cut corners just because you don’t want to go through the motions.

2. Aim for Less

Even though we all want the mansion on the top of the hill, we all know that the average person like you and me can’t afford it. We’re not saying that you should buy a one-bedroom house that is falling apart and costs nothing but doesn’t buy something you cannot afford to pay for in the near future.

3. Get Your Affairs in Order

Before you even start browsing, you’d better save up for a down-payment. Remember, at the end of the day, the more you can contribute to a down-payment, the less you’ll pay off on the mortgage in the long run.

4. Do Some Homework

Pun intended. Yes, you’d better do all the necessary research on a house that you are looking at buying. Be sure you know absolutely everything you can before making an offer or paying a deposit. You don’t want to move into a place that has utility bills the size of the moon. No one does. Research plays a big role in making the right decisions before buying a house.

5. Renting vs Buying, What’s Best for You

At the end of the day, if you are already looking at buying a house, you’ve probably already made up your mind and you have some amount of savings available to do so. But be sure that this is the right time and the right thing for you to do before committing. Do the calculations and you will easily see whether renting for a certain period would be more expensive than actually buying.

As exciting as it is to be on the scout for a house, everyone should be very wary of making heart decisions instead of head decisions. We hope you’ve found this article helpful in your journey in finding a little place to call home!

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